Company seat and location

ABE.TEC, s.r.o. (Ltd)
53002 Ostresany
Czech Republic

tel.:+420 466 670 035
fax:+420 466 670 036
site (CZ):
site (DE)

Arrival and parking on the premises of the company

The main building of ABE.TEC, s.r.o. Ostresany 43. Parking for customers is on the other side of this building.
The main entrance is on the left side of the building.

How to get to us and how to find us

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The premises of ABE.TEC are the village of Ostřešany near Pardubice. Offices and training centers are in the main building, a white two-story building. The main entrance is on the left side of the building.

By train to Pardubice Central Station and after bus number 10 to Ostřešany Park. Before boarding the bus, first make sure that the bus actually goes to the Ostřešany park station, otherwise you will get out in Ostřešany near the school and the rest you have to walk about 500 m. line n.10.
By public transport: Bus no.10, station Ostresana Park. This line starts at the main train station. Before getting into the bus, first make sure or ask the driver whether the bus is going to Ostřešany Park. Timetable line n.10.
By Car: from Tuněchody (direction Hrochův Týnec, Vysoké Mýto): once you pass the Ostřešany board on your left you will see the two-story white building of ABE.TEC, s.r.o.
By car: from Pardubice (Chrudim, Prague, Hradec Kralove): Ostřešany, direction Tuněchody (Vysoké Mýto, Hrochův Týnec) and on the right side almost at the end of Ostřešan you will see the white two-storey building ABE.TEC, s.r.o.
GPS: set Ostřešany. Coordinates are 49°59'32.892"N, 15°48'23.263"E
Map: The headquarters of our company can be found in the eastern part of the village of Ostřešany.

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