Treston 3D configurator

Date: 06.02.2018
Category: Aktuality
Design an online workstation of your choice - it's super easy

The free Treston 3D Configurator allows you to configure an industrial workstation according to your specific needs.

The 3D Configurator will then guide you through the process of building a workstation designed specifically for your application.

1. Start by choosing the workstation frame best suited for your application. A variety of frame options are available for different tasks and environments.

2. Choose the desired size and worktop material for your workstation frame.

3. Select uprights for your workstation if needed. Uprights are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Adding uprights will allow you to build accessories above the work surface.

4. Complete your workstation design by choosing from various additional accessories, such as lighting, power, shelves, bins, chairs, trolleys, drawer units, cabinets, etc all while watching your workstation take form on your screen. Once complete, a parts list and drawing will be sent to you by email.

Click for the 3D online configurator

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