DEOX additive for oxides separation

Date: 10.07.2018
Category: Aktuality
The additive for oxides separation from wet smear appearing on the alloy in soldering bath on soldering waves.

Application procedure

The preparation is applied to the surface and into the nozzle interior and external environment prior to the wave crowding up in quantity corresponding to the layer approximately 1 mm thick. Deox applied to the nozzle room in advance eliminates creating oxides cobweb and curtains on walls, which is common at turning the wave on and out during the soldering shift.

Actual quantity of applied preparation depends in given moment on the quantity dispersed floating oxides, and on the quantity and type of applied flux, too.

Typical colouration of separated dross granules shall be dark grey under condition when further mixing does not result in releasing molten pool, while the preparation is exploited without remainder. In this stage, the dross should be removed with the help of an appropriate stainless-steel punched ladle. Oxides captured in the ladle shall be embedded in a collecting vessel.

Standard time demands of the maintenance mode when Deox applied can be estimated to approximately 30 minutes a week (at average operation and wave utilisation).

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