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ABE.TEC Company belongs among the foremost companies on the Czech and Slovak market. The company delivers equipment, products and materials, provides services and counseling for manufacturing firms in electrical industry. The company was established in 1996, at that time under the name of SPL System, s.r.o. The company began like an importer of advanced technologies for printed circuit boards’ assembly. Immediately after being established, the company began to import soldering technology, cable harness processing equipment, manufacturing materials and other goods. By time, the company entrenched over the entire territory of the Czech Republic. Among the first suppliers were Contact Systems, OK Industries from the USA, and Kirsten from Switzerland.

Rich assortment of products and services was in 2000 completed by electric screwdrivers made by HIOS (Japan), ESD materials and products, exhausting pollutants, and equipment for the PCB testing. The company simultaneously began to exhibit regularly on various fairs and to arrange professional workshops.

Owing to efficient work and increasing experience, the ABE.TEC company began to manufacture certain assortment of products.
Concerned are particularly products in the ESD area, both personal protective equipment or measuring instruments. With these products, the company strives to meet requirements of customers on the Czech and Slovak market, and offers products equivalent to traditional foreign manufacturers, however, at bargain prices. The company simultaneously extended its offer with services in the electrostatic discharge area (complex deliveries of ESD workplaces, audits of dedicated room, corporate instructions processing, ESD coordinators training, counseling). In addition, the company offers testing of assembled PCB and bed-of-nails manufacture. Considering the current development of manual soldering, the company arranges successfully training of lead-free soldering  under cover of nitrogen using various lead-free soldering alloys, including the possibility to test the soldering on own samples from the customer’s production line. The ABE.TEC company activities are aimed at the delivery of high-quality assortment of goods to the customer, and also to help him to find the best solution for his manufacturing process, high-quality and trouble free service, and last but not least, to educate and train his employees. ABE.TEC, s.r.o. is an ISO 9001 certified company.

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